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We analyze the problem directly in your SAP infrastructure and create a description of the cause of the system behavior as part of the investigation. You can follow the documentation directly in our ticket system. Depending on the nature of the problem, we specify the solution. We do not differentiate between a SAP standard program, your own programs or programs from third-party manufacturers.


You will receive the results of our analysis with a description about the cause of the system behavior.


On demand, we will implement the solution and ensure the desired behavior. You have the choice of entrusting us with the implementation of the solution in addition to the analysis. We support both in the area of ABAP development and in the customizing environment - depending on the result of the analysis.


Optimize the costs for ticket processing and your support and keep the advantages of short distances, high quality and adherence to deadlines. We speak your language and our consultants are from Germany. This enables us to offer our service very efficiently. If your own support department is not worthwhile for you or if you are understaffed or your employees are not available (illness, vacation), please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cost Flexibility

Pay only what you need, because often it is not worth setting up your own support organization or you cannot scale how you need the resources (spikes, illness, no problems, etc.). For this you can use our service ideally, without obligation, uncomplicated and only if you really need our service.


Deploy your SAP® experts, key users and consultants where they are needed in the project and their expertise and let us analyze problems.


We have access to a large pool of developers / consultants with expertise in all SAP® modules. We are therefore able to understand and analyze complex processes quickly and easily. It does not matter to us whether you use the SAP® standard, have expanded it or use third-party programs.


Our offer is scalable, so that we are also available to you in parallel with several problems with our expertise.

Years of Experience

You can benefit from our many years of SAP® experience with ERP processes and developments in SAP.

Our Services

Ticket-based support for SAP® ERP & SAP® S / 4

We help with problems in the process and customizing environment:

  • All SAP® modules and processes (SD, MM, PP, FI, CO, PS, PM, CRM, PLM, etc.)

  • Process know-how

  • holistic view

  • SAP® ERP ERP, S / 4 (including previous releases)

  • permanent contact person

  • Support by phone & email

  • Location in Germany with proximity to SAP®

  • English & German (native)

  • SAP® certified consultants

Analysis of SAP® developments

We also help with problems with SAP developments (SAP®, 3rd party and Z / Y namespace):

  • All ABAP related problems can be analyzed and solved

  • Business Server Pages (BSP) support and ICM

  • WebDynpro technologies are supported

  • FIORI, JavaScript and SAP® Gateway Support (REST, SOAP)

  • Java-related problems are analyzed including Java Connector (JCO)

  • .net languages are supported

  • Data migration problems are resolved

SAP® Basis & Data Migration Support

We also help you with problems related to SAP® Basis and your SAP® system:

  • All SAP® releases are supported

  • Our consultants are familiar, among others with S / 4, Netweaver

  • Installation & setup support

  • HANA, SQL-Server, Informix and Oracle Support

  • Support with system harmonization

  • Migration support

  • Backup support

  • SPAU, SPDD support

  • Linux & Windows Support

Additional Solutions

Sickness Cover

We manage and work on the cases & issues which cannot be processed during sickness.

Vacational Replacement

We work on the issues during vacation of your support team or project members.

Temprary Replacement

Until you hire new personel, we manage and do the work in your support organization or project.

Scalable Support

Our Services are scalable and can be contracted only for the required issue. We also provide service contracts and on-site teams dependent on your needs.

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Initial Consultation is Free of Charge


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